Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thing # 4

I have posted things 2 and 3 and emailed my info. for registration.
SUPER!!! It's all set now!

Thing # 3

AAAHHH.. what am I doing?? haha, I have no idea if I'm doing this right, but the little comments in the directions (like "you can do this.. yes you can") are encouraging! :)

Anywho, after creating a new yahoo account, I finally managed to create my Avatar and post it. I chose to go with the girl wrapped up in a blanket relaxing in her living room (i.e. a favorite thing of mine to do). However, I don't have brown hair, but the confusion that went along with figuring that one out and changing it to blonde were beyond me.

Needless to say, I do feel good about having accomplished what's complete so far. Is that sad?? or do some of you feel the same way? I've looked at a few other blogs and they all look really good. Hopefully, with time I will get better and more comfortable with the process. Until then, happy blogging!

Thing # 2 Hardest Habit

From watching the video, I think the habit that I have the hardest time with is using technology to my advantage. Even though I am young and was exposed to learning on and using a computer throughout grade school, I still feel that life is simpler by doing things the old fashion way. Yes, I realize that technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but I don't think I believe that entirely. Truthfully, it's not one of my strongest areas because I don't think I jump on opportunities to become more technologically savvy when I could.

Thing # 2 Easiest Habit

After watching the 7 1/2 Habits Video, I think the habit that comes easiest to me in is viewing problems as challenges. Rather than looking at them as a way to give up, I try to look at problems as a time of potential growth (in my personal life, job, family situations, etc.)Over the past few years, I have grown and realized what a blessing going through rough times or encountering problems can be. Although they are usually never fun while in the midst of them, they always produce good in the end. So with that thought in mind, it creates a new outlook on struggles and problems that arise in any area of life.. I believe we go through them for the better and they make us stronger people in the end.

First Blog Ever

Hi, and Welcome to my blog!
I am unexperienced, but eager to see what happens and what I will come up with. Hence.. We shall see. For those of you who visit, enjoy what is sure to be an interesting experience. Good luck to you and your blog! :)